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The main focus of our service is the complementary oncology.

International statistics from the past few years showed that despite the best surgical, nuclear medicine and scientifically tested chemotherapy, a significant prolongation of the lifetime could not be achieved with a large number of cancer patients in the advanced stage of cancer. (Cancer registry Uni - Munich)

A large number of patients do not want to be content with the fact that one can not do more than wait until the cancer has recovered or worsened.

This page takes you through the most advanced treatment methods in the world.

These therapies enable you to take responsibility yourself.

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  • General information on state-of-the-art cancer therapies.
  • Information about therapy options and forms.
  • Information on the cost of health insurance. (SHI private)
  • Addresses of clinics, therapy planning and organization also abroad.
  • Drugs Service.
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